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Co-founder and CEO of ProductDone. Since graduating in Computer Science, I have worked in three continents and before starting ProductDone I was working with startups in New Zealand and USA.

I frequently speak at business events about Startups, Entrepreneurship, Gaming/eSports, Growth, Scaling, Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition. I am also Co-author of the Amazon Bestselling book “The 30 Day Startup”.

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I speak about Entrepreneurship, SEO, scaling your company, Digital marketing, Growth Hacking, Startups, Gaming/eSports, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development, Validating your startup idea.

I also Mentor or Judge at Hackathons and Tech Startup related events.

My focus is always to educate and entertain in an interactive way from my life experiences.

Best Audience: Startup and Entrepreneurship events, Associations, Digital Marketing and growth Conferences, Leadership Events and Panel Discussions.

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Ship your next million dollar idea

Most startups take months or even years to develop their product and get it ready for actual customers. Even then, there is no guarantee of success, which makes it a risky endeavour to start.

What if you could take your idea and build a startup from scratch in under 30 days?

The 30 Day Startup is a new approach being adopted across the tech startup world. Instead of taking months or even years to build a minimum viable product (MVP) of your startup idea, reduce the scope to the point where you can release the first version in six weeks or less.

30 Day Startup


I am a marketer, gamer and an entrepreneur who is passionate about startups, technology and innovation. I am on a mission to change the world for good. Father, husband, son and a part time artist.

Expertise and Skills
Product Validation and MVP developmentGrowth hacking strategiesSEO, SEM, PPC and Content StrategyEmail and Social media marketingMarketing automation and AIInfluencer marketingChatbot and messenger marketingDirect marketing and Lead generationIncreasing ROI of overall advertisingBusiness developmentManaging staff and leading a teamManaging and growing businessesStrategic planning
2 X Exits, 3 X founder, 1X Author
E-Commerce Exporter of the Year 2014

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